Nutrition Checkpoint
May 2017 - Aug 2017
Have you ever heard the argument that it costs a lot to be healthy? I didn't know if it was true or not, but I wanted to find out.
So I decided to create an app that would shed some light on how much it costs to be healthy.
There is an api that allows you to query 700k+ food items for nutrition facts.
So the idea was that you could go to the grocery store, buy something, then in the app find that item and enter the price. And after doing that for a series of items you could construct diets with those items.
And you would be able to see the cost effectiveness of different diets that you create.
JS Angular
This shows the screens where you can search for foods to save with a price and where you can create a new diet.
After logging into this app you are given a set of daily intakes which you have to reach. Daily intakes consist of things like micro and macro nutrients. You can edit these so that they better fit you.
The default daily intakes are based off of the FDA recommendations. You can search the USDA database which has roughly 7000 entries or you can search the NutritionIX api to search from 700,000+ entries. The USDA database was included because they have better entries for produce.
Have a question?
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