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 This was a project I worked on over the summer from May 2017 to August 2017. I created this app because I wanted to track my diet including all of my micronutrient intakes. I also wanted to be able to add prices to foods so that I can compare different diets based on price. A big inspiration for wanting to make this app was that I was not satisfied with other diet tracking apps like my fitness pal. Eventually I found an app called cronometer which did everything I wanted to do in this app excluding the financial stuff. So I quit working on this app and won't be returning to it. Originally I created this app with a backend in php and then converted all that code into python django code because if I ever decided to do anything that would involve data science in the app, it would make development a lot easier.


 As soon as you log into this app you are given a set of daily values that are your goal to hit. You can edit these so that they better fit you. The daily intakes are based off of the FDA recommendations. You can also search for foods. You can search the USDA database which has roughly 7000 entries or you can search the NutritionIX api to search from 700,000+ entries. You can click on foods to see how much of the different nutrients they contain.
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